By backdrop

Firstly thank you very much for recording this podcast, it’s a real journey which starts slow, jazzy and ambient before driving on. Our BackdropLive lovers will enjoy this i know! When, where and on what was the mix recorded?

I recorded it at home in the living room of the flat. I think it was in the afternoon. I took some records in that jazzy, new age, ambient vibe out of the shelve in my room plus some hits in the end that I just can’t stop listening to. Some are new records, some are used records.

For those that know nothing about you, where are you from and where do you live now? What outside music takes up most of your time? When did you start exploring music properly?

I currently study at the art school in Bremen, northwest Germany. This takes up less and less time compared to music, so I decided to do my bachelors within the next half year. I properly started exploring music 4 years ago when I moved to Bremen, moving out from the village in the center of Germany where I was born. I had quite some space in my daily schedules, so music fit in perfectly. Apart from making music and DJing, I do a party series called Tipp!!! together with a good friend. We try to make a bi-monthly rhythm, but that doesn’t always work out. My friend is doing the artwork and I do the promoter shit with booking trains and negotiating about the fee. It’s all pretty DIY, we always screenprint our posters together and do goofy promotion texts. We invite international artists, sometimes along local DJs or liveacts we like. Through those parties I got to know Ital, Hashman Deejay, Helena Hauff and many others…

Would you like to include a tracklist for this mix? Fully understood if not, some mad records in there you must have dug for…if not then any particular choice cuts you want to mention?

RAH Band – Dream Street & Plustwo – Fantasy, Ponzu Island on Apersonal Music & Photay on Van Doumen (love the 80s funk in that), and all that ‘New Age’ and tropical stuff on Mood Hut, from Ramzi, Morgan Buckley. And thats only the stuff that is not classic ‘clubby’ music… I am too lazy for the tracklist, but I will try to answer if somebody wants an ID.

This podcast arguably covers more musical variety than any others. I especially enjoy some of the vocals, often electronic DJs manage to lose a sense of fun with their sets, they take things very seriously, this mix is executed seriously but much of it feels wonderfully weird and tongue-in cheek. Is this true of your dj sets generally? Do you play your own records out much?

I think nobody can be as happy as many over the top vocal tracks are, but it’s cool that music can put you into some other state of mind, at least for a moment. You might feel even more letdown afterwards, thats the irony. My sets tend to be quite a mixture of everything. I also really like the heaviest acid shit and fast distorted techno. But my mood has to be right for that, luckily that is often the case during club sets. I think I am not the most serious person, so this might influence my way of playing music. I sometimes think I should play more serious, darkish music. But I always end up not doing it… I don’t play my own records so much, but there are some unreleased tracks that I end up playing all the time. Plus some new own tracks that I test out in club sets. Clap The Soles Of Your Feet!

Any recent gig highlights?

Amsterdam at Radion was very cool. The promoters let me play three hours peak-time on a packed party. Wonderful! The set was resonating for weeks to follow. Shouts to Max, Harley and Bruno for inviting me! In Bremen we also have quite some cool parties. For example, I had the opportunity to play an all-nighter in a small club here that just opened. House music and disco for 7 hours straight. That was quite special! The preparing for that all-nighter was a night 2 months before where I invited Christopher Rau to play with me in a warehouse that is used as an atelier, close to the train station. Woop woop!

I have been playing your tracks “Conundrum” and “Be Brave” out a lot in the last few months, they get some of the wildest receptions of any i own (you can listen at bottom of page).You were indeed being brave in releasing that, it is a far out track that might be too much for some…although we and many others obviously love it. Did you set out to make a record with such a crescendo of energy or did it come about while jamming? What production gear do you rely on most heavily?

They were jams. Be Brave was made on the day where I got a new delay. It distorted quite heavily and I just recorded the track… Stereo sum onetake. Wait, I think I did two takes for Be Brave and choose the second one. But Conundrum is onetake. Some drums from the TR-8 and MS-20 mini plus some FX. Thats it. In the recent month I didn’t manage to make tracks with such a reduced setup. And those heavy tracks haven’t occured to me in quite a while. I almost always jam out my tracks onetake. Some pre-arrangement in Ableton for some parts, but the recording is a stereo sum. Often to tape for some extra crunch. So, no finetuning in the end, maybe just cutting out some parts.

You have previously released on Lobster Theremin, one of Backdrops favourite labels. I also saw you played with Raw MT, his Richards Revenge track is another favourite dose of acid. Any other artists or labels you follow closely or buy on release?

So many… Actually too many to list them here. When digging, I always try to find a balance between stuff I know from labels I follow, new labels and cheap 2nd hand finds from 90s and 80s stuff. In general, the coolest thing about coming around in those circles of music people is to get to know them personally. Having a personal connection to the people who produced a record is quite magic. And I exchange unreleased stuff with the buys I know, that’s also quite cool.

What can we expect from you in the near future musically?

Not as crazy-heavy as the Be Brave release. There’s a record on 777 coming out, which I am very excited about!! It’s like a continuation to the ZCKR one I did. Clubby music, and even on one of my favourite labels! I am sitting on a lot of dreamy house tracks, maybe they will even be on some kind of LP…

“When recently did you get to enjoy another DJ set when you weren’t playing or promoting yourself, and could really lose yourself in the set and party atmosphere?”

Well, it’s been some time since that happened. It happened before on those parties, but mostly I am so focused on delivering a good performance or managing the party to go well that I can’t get lost in the music. There was one party in may before I went out several weekends for gigs where my friends played in a warehouse rave, there I got quite lost. And one sunday evening at about:blank in Berlin after some hours of sleep from a party I played the night before. But it’s getting difficult… I don’t have much to look back to though, because I do not have an intense past with partying.