Backdrop unite sonically curious, open-minded souls through extended sessions in wild & muscular music. With regular podcasts and insightful features, this webspace further connects our collective mindset away from the dance floor. Newcastle Upon Tyne is our hometown and here we have welcomed Helena Hauff, Jane Fitz, Tama Sumo b2b Prosumer, Levon Vincent, Kobosil, Ethyl & Flori, Amir Alexander, Nick Hoppner and more. The crew : Dr. Joseph & Simon (Backdrop resident DJ’s), Hester Cheuk and Fraser Pearston. Oh, and all of you of course. Thank you for your continued love & support.

We strive to provide a safe space for dancers to escape reality and trip together. Backdrop is open to everybody but not for everybody, the prejudiced or intolerant are not welcome. Expect exceptional partying, friendly people and mind-melting records. We know the dancefloor, through a unification of people under one sound – one voice, so to speak – holds a unique power in uniting people of different backgrounds, beliefs & sexualities.  We know that by coming to meet, discuss and dance as one, we can protect and improve upon this culture we hold so dear.  This music and way of life can therefore be used to bind us together for the future, both in and out of the session. 

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Backdrop 2017 Season Lineup

2017 guests:  Blackhall & Bookless, Jane Fitz, Objekt, Room4Resistance, SAOIRSE, Siren, Stenny (LIVE), Zenker Brothers