By backdrop

Jack Stanley has soundtracked “Body”, one of Scotland’s wilder parties to emerge in recent years, since it’s birth. With a focus on crate-digging residents, they have built a loyal following of muscially curious and open-minded dancers… much like we at Backdrop are lucky enough to enjoy. Having also brought Amir Alexander and Jane Fitz to Edinburgh, they know the musical score.

With an ear for records that has inspired our own digging incredible amounts, perhaps unusually so for someone our own age (and not an older “expert!” )we see it fitting and it is with great pride that Jack Stanley debut’s our Backdrop Sessions podcast. Expect an all vinyl affair spanning trippy & acidic house through to muscular yet melodic techno. For believers in Zip, Nicolas Lutz and the Slow Life Crew, Jack is a man you should hear. For everyone else, we can’t wait for you to indulge in largely lesser known, underground records that shine and bruise as much as old favourites you already know and love. Jack, we thank you. Also hats off to Fraser and Adam, for without the trio, Body¬†would not have existed. Jack is also the man behind a refreshing new blog which focuses on more in depth interviews with DJs, avoiding the cliched questions : “The Pulpit : irregular sermons from the dancefloor”. Read interviews with Vera and Laurine via the button above.



When, where and on what did you record the mix?

Hey Backdrop! First up, many thanks for asking me to do this. I did it one evening in my chilly flat on a pair of stanton turntables and a numark M2 mixer. Not really much for the gear nerds there.

What was your thinking behind structuring the mix, or do you just freestyle and see where you end up?

I had a fairly large slab of records that I wanted to use, mostly recent purchases and a few I’d stumbled over from a while back so I gathered them together and then just had a go at putting together something cohesive. Its obviously a slight departure from exactly how I’d play in a club as it’s intended to stand alone as opposed to being part of a bigger picture. Nonetheless I think it’s pretty representative of what I’m into at the minute.

We wouldn’t ask for a whole tracklist….but any records in there you want to give a special mention to?

They’re mostly older records but there is one from Tommy Vicari Jnr which is pretty current, I think he’s really killing it right now and is definitely worth watching for forthcoming stuff. There’s also a track from the new S-Max EP, which is his first release for a few years and is well worth checking out. I was put onto him recently by a friend of mine and he’s a really great producer.

Where can we see you DJing in the near future?

One or two bits on the horizon, I am playing at Cafe Voltaire this weekend and Lee Burridge is in the main room which should be pretty great. The week after on Friday 4th March is the latest instalment of Body where myself and Adam are playing back to back for the first time. I’m looking forwards to that one a lot, the past 2 parties with Amir Alexander and Jane Fitz were really strong outings so hopefully more of the same. Then I’m joining you in Newcastle for the Backdrop party on the 12th March at Ernest, alongside Adam again as well as yourself and Simon. Last but not least there have been rumours of Etiket delivering a killer booking a few weeks after that but Laurence hasn’t made the announcement yet so I guess I shouldn’t say any more, but I’m looking forwards to that one too (big time). Plenty for me to get excited about there.