By backdrop

“LPZ Records, a label founded by an intriguing three-piece of producers, originating from Germany and Paraguay. The artists record under the group banner, LPZ and the groups members are Ariel Soler, Javier Rodriguez and Jorge Carron. Over the past few years, LPZ have had a couple of relatively underground outings, released on UK based labels, Loungin` Recordings and Body Work. The latter release was an acid soaked, moody-house workout, accompanied by a remix from Posthuman; which in my opinion was overshadowed by the competent prowess of the original. Moving on to the new outing and first vinyl release for LPZ Records, the trio open the proceedings and ignite our senses with the widescreen, alien-electro of “The Jupiter Menace”, the trio colorfully document the missions and deep exploration, within the atmosphere and deep core of the gas giants majestic, vapour plains. The opening track is the pre-cursor to what is truly an outstanding and beautifully strange maiden voyage, for this exceptional new label. Additional artists on board this first flight are mysterious solo artist, Robert_o and the Paraguayan based duo, P. Lopez and Octavio, who delivered the four to the floor workout, the “Reaktions EP” on Aeon, Germany, in 2015.”