BackdropLive 017 : Blasha & Allatt (Meat Free) @ Backdrop with Objekt, 03.17

By Hessie

In March 2017 Blasha & Allatt stepped into the Cosmic Ballroom booth for their Backdrop & Newcastle debut, right after residents Dr. Joseph & Simon and just before Objekt. What came next has gone down in North-East & Backdrop folklore as one of the most energetic, diverse, fun yet thumping displays of DJ prowess to have graced our parties since we began. Considering our previous guests include Levon Vincent, Kobosil, Zenker Brothers, Saoirse and more, this is no mean feat. This live recording shows the Meat Free residents at their absolute best (which, by the way, is every time we see them play). Flawless mixing with all vinyl is a given for this pair, with a flare for techno they effortlessly stitch acid, breaks, electro, house & rave from across the decades to rile the mightily impressed crowd into an excitable frenzy for the fast approaching Objekt set. We have had so many people get in touch with us since this party, both in person and online, pleading for them to return for a longer headline slot. We think we may have to do just that….but this will not be easy as after years of hard work and commitment, their touring schedule is getting busier with Warehouse Project slots and other exciting European bookings setting them up for a strong end to the year.

Mark our words, these are two of the finest DJ’s we know. Right back from when Dr. Joseph invited them to play with him at Jaded in Corsica Studios Room 2, we have been nothing but inspired by them both personally and professionally. Let’s hope we manage to get them locked down for a return as soon as is feasibly possible. Blasha & Allatt, we salute you.