Backdrop FREE PARTY 2016 Autumn/Winter warmer raves…
Tonight : Backdrop with Kobosil (Ostgut Ton/MDR) at WHQ
Backdrop 5am : Helena Hauff (Ninja Tune/Werkdiscs) on Sat November 19th at WHQ

Percy Main is head honcho at two of Backdrop’s bigger inspirations…
Notsosilent, a sublime party who have brought the likes of Move D and The Black Madonna to Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and the Adriatic coast.
Lionoil Industries, a record label and collective from Edinburgh showcasing productions from Percy himself (check “Chat Room”), FYI Chris, Telfort and Hi & Saberhägen. Their first vinyl outing was dropped by non other than Roman Flugel in his Essential mix, not bad eh. Their latest release got a stellar Resident Advisor write up… “All told, Lionoil, as with every FYI Chris effort to date, brims with personality.”

And you get to see him play for free? Well isn’t that something.

In the opening hours we have Joseph Q. A close Backdrop affiliate, Dr. Joseph : Backdrop and Simon : Backdrop have been blown away by his growing record bag (hence their willingness to sit this party out and join the floor from the off!). With an ear unmatched by many we have heard in Newcastle for strange, broken, ear-worming beats with just enough zip to keep Perlon happy and plenty glitch for the electro/acid heads. Hear his mix for backdrop here along with his review of a recent Art of Dark party (

Records from 9pm until 2am, last entry 1am. All for free. x