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Backdrop reunite best friends TAMA SUMO and PROSUMER on Friday May 20th at World Headquarters for a night of Chicago and Detroit tinged house into techno with disco thrown in. The current and former Berghain/Panorama Bar residents will be playing for you ALL NIGHT LONG. With another Newcastle debut in Tama Sumo, we stay committed to extended sessions with internationally respected selectors whose hearts are with the dancers. Authentic underground revelry for the Passionate People, Passionate Ravers of the North-East and beyond. Many thanks to all that have joined our collective mindset thus far, we are already hard at work for next season.

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“Music is pure communication – stay in contact and follow your heart!”

Heart, emotion and passion instead of pure functionality – these are Tama Sumo’s dj characteristics in a nutshell. She started out in 1993 at the Drama bar in Berlin / Kreuzberg, one of the first bars to ever feature its own dj at the weekend and an important hang out for the scene before going to the clubs.
Besides, the Drama has been one of the few locations playing house music, when techno was dominating all the other clubs and bars at that time. Tama Sumo used to play a lot of New York style vocal house and quickly became a regular DJ behind the decks at the gay saturdays at Café Moskau. In the beginning of 1994 she started playing regulariy at the legendary Techno-Club Globus/Tresor and became a resident DJ at this location for the following years. Here she began to integrate different electronic-music-genres into her house sets, a mixture, she conctantly improved over the years and which by now has become so sigificant for her long sets.
Since 2001 Tama Sumo also played regulariy at the Dance With The Aliens-Party at the old OstGut, the predecessor of Berghain, which eventually opened the door to a residency at the new Panorama Bar & Berghain. In the meantime she developed a varied style ranging from House in all its colours, combined with reduced Techno, old Electro, Disco and Pop. Altogether her sets feature a lot of bass, sometimes melody, always deep, sexy, dirty, jacking, rough and funky. “Music for me is something very subjective and I always attempt to approach it with my intuition,” Tama Sumo comments.
“To be a DJ for me means to be in touch with the audience without speaking and to interact with the crowd and give them what they need while staying true to myself at the same time. It’s also fundamental to my work that I succeed at letting the music, the crowd and myself run freely. I have to turn off my head and go with the flow. I love to create and play with different moods and atmospheres. And I’m still fascinated by the fact that music can release a huge amount of energy and fun immediately. Music and bass in particular make people happy!”
At the beginning of 2008, she has finally released her first record. Both tracks, “Play Up” and “Brothers, Sisters”, have been produced in collaboration with Prosumer. They perfectly sum up Tama’s take on house music: two rough and funky tracks which made the DJ Top 50 of German Groove Magazin at first go.
Another release was published end of 2009 on Diamonds & Pearls. Tama Sumo also compiled and mixed the second Panorama Bar record, which was released on Ostgut Ton in October 2009.
All times classics

Chez Damier & Ron Trent, M.D.: Hip To Be Disillusioned Vol.1
Mr Fingers: Mystery of Love
Shake: For The Lamented
ESG: Moody
Maurizio: M4.5
House of House: Taste My Love feat. Kym Mazelle
Master C&J: Face It feat. Liz Torres
Moodymann: Shades Of Jae
Phortune: Can You Feel The Bass
51 Days: Paper Moon

PRSOUMER (Potion, OstGut Ton, Playhouse/Edinburgh)

„The craze about the music…“
…the man called Prosumer is besotted with it. Since Achim Brandenburg heartily grabbed the microphone under this moniker in 2005 for Frankfurt’s then undisputed Label Playhouse, he showed that lasciviousness, a fever for Chicago’s Jack flavour and consciousness of tradition aren’t necessarily bound to a time and a place. Vision, passion and knowledge make Prosumer a guardian of house music history and one of the formative artists, influential DJs and important producers of our days.
While deriving his name from Alvin Toffler’s techno sci-fi-bible The Third Wave (producing and consuming at the same time), Prosumer lives up to his name. With more than a decade of Hard-Wax-Record-Store-enculturation on the clock (first in Saarbrucken, then Berlin), he spent countless nights in clubs, days looking for music and years refining his art and becoming in line with the “big three”. This is not a reference to Detroit’s car companies, but the city’s musical heritage that – together with the Big Apple and the Windy city – laid the foundation for techno and house builds with the Big Apple and the Windy City.
Prosumer oscillates between these poles. That holds true for his productions, which are affected by references and historical vertexes, but never feel to be out of time or place. An album with Murat Tepeli and collaborations with Tama Sumo expand his discography for labels like the aforementioned Playhouse, Running Back or Swayzak’s 240 Volts. On the other hand – and that might be far more important – this is exemplary for his DJ work since the mid-nineties. Prosumer connects the tracks and songs of this music’s golden age with the worthwhile pieces and developments of today. Accordingly to that special feeling which is so hard to couch, he gets engaged in it from tip to toe – and so does his audience. Proved by his mission as one of the residents in Berlin’s influential club institution, on his official mix CD for that place that describes his spectrum of sound perfectly and by this certain magic that travels with and in him everywhere.
„Through his body and through his veins…“

Biography written by Gerd Janson