UU & Backdrop present: Love Goes On & On (& On)

UU & Backdrop present: Love Goes On & On (& On)

The Old Police House
Saturday 4 June

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Love Goes On & On (& On), taking place at The Old Police House on Saturday 4 June, is a collaboration between UMOJA UMOJA and local partystarters Backdrop. All proceeds from the event go to Wearside Women In Need & The BOMA Project. With a penchant for extended sets and intimate parties LGO&O(&O) has found the perfect space on Swinburne Street. The once-derelict police house was renovated in 2012 and it is a location unlike any other in the region.

Wearside Women In Need provides advice, support and safe accommodation for women and children experiencing sexual, physical or emotional abuse as well as rehabilitation programmes. The BOMA Project is a data-driven, high impact poverty graduation program for ultra-poor women in the Marsabit and Samburu Counties of Northern Kenya. Their work helps women to start small businesses in their rural communities so they can pay for food, school fees and medical care for their families.

The music policy at LGO&O(&O) is completely open. Although the bulk of its DJs are used to playing club-centric music for an audience, the unusual space and limited capacity at The Old Police House encourages artists to present records they perhaps wouldn’t at a run-of-the-mill event. Hypnohouse label head and respected Newcastle producer / selector John Rowe joins LGO&O(&O) residents Harry Lawson, Track Baldwin and BomBa on the bill. Running from 9pm – 5am, it’s a long party. Expect flourishes that could encompass anything from ambient through to soul, funk, techno and back again.