Hailing originally from Newcastle and now located in London, DJ-producers Blackhall & Bookless are beginning to forge a strong name for themselves in the electronic music sphere, working in close connection to their own Jaunt imprint, which has made the smooth journey from club night to record label. They also opened our party celebrating ten years of Jaunt and Ilian Tape earlier in 2017 with great style and maturity, bringing a direct sound and laying the perfect ground for the Zenkers and Stenny to bring their heavy, breakbeat-infused style of techno to Backdrop. Dr. Joseph also provided an excellent addition to the Jaunt mix series – a must-listen!

Being grounded in long-term friendship has kept Blackhall and Bookless’ approach to music honest, and enabled them to keep their sound personal, yet effective. As their reputation grows with those in the know, Blackhall & Bookless find themselves playing further afield. Always showing themselves to be an adaptable duo – playing regularly in such venerated spaces as Fabric, The Zoo Project, Gottwood, Space Ibiza – Blackhall & Bookless deliver a consistent and authentic dancefloor experience, with a sound both direct and immersive, combining hedonism and depth at the intersection of techno and house.

The natural progression of these events has lead to the founding of Jaunt Records in September 2014, and the DIY approach of best friends doing what they love best has remained as the basis of this new endeavour. Blackhall & Bookless have been developing their game carefully, waiting intelligently for the right time to be reached, so that this venture can be launched in full maturity. Their first EP on Jaunt Records, accompanied by remixes from Fred P and Virginia, met critical acclaim and this has lead them on to work alongside other carefully selected artists such as Mike Dehnert, Don Williams, Bleak and Basic Soul Unit – with many more lined up for the future.

Jaunt Records is the brainchild of Blackhall, Bookless and Richard Rowell aka Chad. Renowned for their niche parties in Newcastle, London and beyond, the label serves as an extension of the boys’ discerning tastes, with every release handled with the same love and enthusiasm that they’ve channeled into their parties over the years.

As such, the ethos behind the label is one that mirrors their own musical wares, with the sounds as one might imagine revolving around a mix of refined house and techno. An outlet for their own productions, the imprint also pays homage to some of their favourite producers; with the likes of Fred P and Virginia having already appeared on the imprint.

The design concept also forms an integral part in the label’s aesthetics and charm, with each release featuring an image credited to one of the producers. A highly personal project born out of a yearning to spread the music they hold dear, the next chapter in the Jaunt story looks set to be every bit as exciting as what’s come before.

Since the inauguration of Jaunt Events in Newcastle 2007, and since moving to London in 2012, Jaunt has travelled all over Europe. Hosting quality artists such as Omar S, Dixon, Marcel Dettmann, Shed, Kerri Chandler, Ryan Elliot, Zip – Jaunt is always prepared with the journey in mind, and the duo are always developing their potential as artists and gaining a strong fanbase wherever they play.