Tânia Filipa Silvestre is a graphic designer out of Lisbon, Portugal, and brings to the table striking, bold work with a minimalist angle to keep the message simple. We think Tânia’s designs are beautiful and wanted to exhibit them here, and interview her about the process involved in conceiving these works of art.

What got you into graphic design?

The idea that I could do and offer something different… And the idea that people can connect to music through Art. I started this project to focus on designing mainly to the Music Industry. I started to believe that an industry that involves so much feeling should give more credit to what they present as their brand image. Presenting something unique to their followers is something that really makes a difference. So, I think the right answer is: music.

What made you put the two together? Is it a love of the art or a love of the music? Or both?

Both! I started to listen to electronic music at a very young age, so it is safe to say that I fell in love with electronic music first and much later came the love for design. They collide in every way. Everything I do is music related, and the purpose of my art is music-influenced to the level that I don’t design without music on!

Where would we be most likely to find you raving around the world? 

Lux Frágil in Lisbon, Portugal. The best club in the entire country! Incredible line-ups, incredible sound system and incredible atmosphere! It’s a 3 floor club that will never disappoint you.

Favourite club nights?

Long list, but I will sum it up: Nina Kraviz (2012, Lux); Cassy (2013, Lux); Jeff Mills (2013, Lux); Sven Vath (2014, Lux); Laurent Garnier (2016, Lux); Kerri Chandler (2016, Lux). So as you can see, Lux is like home. I have had some good nights outside of Lisbon like Derrick Carter at Output In New York and Rhadoo at CDV.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your work?

The connection that people feel when they see an artwork that I have created… That’s for sure the thing that makes me thrive. I feel it’s very important to listen to what they have to say and what their interpretation is of my artworks.

Do you feel it’s more important the artwork looks fantastic, or that the information is as clear as possible? Or a finely balanced mixture of both? One could be too complicated and ineffective, the other too boring to be eye-catching…?

Great question and point of view! It’s actually something that is complicated for some clients to understand… Information should be as clear as possible, and a flyer for example should not have too much information on it… When you look at something that has too much information your brain will block out half of it, people will not go through the trouble of reading it. It’s much more effective to only have what info is really needed to pass on. Nowadays, lots of promotors use fonts that are very hard to ready on top of backgrounds that are very colourful… I personally don’t think it’s the right way to go. People will remember more effectively if everything is well organized and clearly displayed.

Is your work for artistic purposes or is it a living? Or both?

Both. The project started by being only for artistic purposes, but as time passed, it became natural to be rewarded for what I can offer through Design. It didn’t feel fair to see “Designers” being paid a good amount of money for doing “Artworks” with images from the internet. They just don’t care. I project and draw everything myself, what I do is unique and I know that. But above all, is the love for art, I do have in consideration small projects for example, that struggle to make their way… Paying artists, paying for mastering and only receive a small % of sales. It’s really complicated…

Sounds it! Do you find you often have to compromise on your beliefs to keep clients happy/keep artwork balanced?

Yes! It happens sometimes. But actually not that often because I launched TF Concept in 2013 and I have a vast portfolio that shows my line of work, so people know what to expect, but sometimes I’m approached by clients that want something completely different. There have been some cases that I dind’t agree with anything… Font, colors, display… However, in the end it’s the clients who decide. Overall, I can say I’m very grateful, almost all of my clients at the moment respect my art and have confidence in me to do their artwork. In most cases I just receive an email with the info and I have total liberty to design and be creative, and they will always say they love it, which is very important because everything starts to flow naturally and then the creative process has no limits! Being able to not worry about if I should put this or that in the artwork, and just design until I’m fully satisfied with the result is a unique and amazing feeling.

Which is your favourite of your pieces?

It’s so difficult to choose just one! I will choose one that I did recently for a French label; it’s a vinyl release, double EP. In my opinion, it looks stunning!

Æternum Music – Various Artists (AEMVA001)


Do you feel your work has more impact online or when viewed physically?

Physically is always different. I have done the Artwork of more than 20 vinyls and every time I look at them (because I have each one in my private collection), it’s always an incredible feeling… Happiness, nostalgia and accomplishment. Just like a flyer when printed, it’s incredible to look at it on a wall or to touch them. To know that I created it and it’s right there in front of us – it’s remarkable.

Is your work better viewed with each piece in isolation, or does it work as one flowing exhibit?

I would go with flowing exhibit. If you look at my portfolio, whether it’s a flyer, a digital ep cover, a vinyl… They all follow the same line: geometrical and minimal. It’s what I love to project and design, geometry is my passion, so it’s safe to say that in a way they are all connected and can be related.

What’s next for you?

I have been thinking about lauching my own Vinyl-only label and a Clothing brand.

What do you like to do totally disconnected from music and designing?

Travel. The world is beautiful and there’s so much so see… So much culture to embrace! If I could I would be a full-time traveler.